MUSE Underwriting will focus upon Excess of Loss Treaty business with the primary products being:

  • Marine Whole Account Excess of Loss Reinsurance
  • Specific Cargo, Hull and Energy Excess of Loss
  • Retrocession Contracts
  • Multi National and/or Regional Excess of Loss Programmes

There is no immediate brief to consider wider treaty forms but we shall be willing to enter into any suitable dialogue about other schemes or structures where this could be suitable.

MUSE Underwriting will concentrate on Marine classes, comprising Marine Cargo, Marine Hull and Upstream Energy business. This will extend to associated interests such as builder risks, fishing vessels, project cargo, liabilities and in certain cases, General Aviation where written in conjunction with a marine portfolio.

The available line size for MUSE Underwriting is US$5m per programme (or equivalent) and up to a 25% share. Any additional required capacity can be discussed on a case by case basis.