London Based, Asia Focused

MUSE Underwriting is based in London allowing our clients full access to the specific knowledge and product range the London and Lloyd’s Market can provide. Our access to business will be through a wide market network and established connections including Lloyd’s, the London Market, our contacts throughout Asia and the London and Regional brokers.

Based on our business focus, MUSE Underwriting will have a tangible presence in the Asia region to ensure that we remain focused on the business development of our clients and can offer support when this is required.

Bespoke Underwriting Solutions

Our underwriting practice will start by understanding the specific angles of each clients’ book of business commencing with the manner by which the portfolio is written at source through to client requirements to protect exposures in an effective and efficient form.

Each treaty we consider will be assessed and priced in a consistent and bespoke manner and reflective of the underlying portfolio content. Analysis will concentrate upon the numeric loss and risk aspects but additionally will cater for known particular characteristics of the portfolio; line structures, client base, risk management, as some examples.


Muse has been operating since early 2015 and is now active in more than 15 regions across Asia, with over 30 clients in its growing portfolio.

Business is being generated through various sources and key connections from the broker market both in London and across the regional hubs in Asia. Whilst located in London, close to the Lloyd's market, Muse has been very active in visiting regions and clients with up to four visits each year into various markets.

As promised our acceptances have concentrated towards all lines under the Marine class and offering support and solutions through Excess of Loss. Nonetheless, whilst Muse continues to develop relationships we will be keeping an open mind on opportunities that may develop out of client strategy or market transformations.